Third Time’s a Charm

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

In what way could I ensure that I spend more money than necessary and put more work on myself that I can handle? must have been what went through my mind in August of 2019.

On the very cusp of a career change that could consume as much time as I would allow it, I had a thought to be more like John Ronald, only one hundred years later.

The vision: Podcasts, book reviews, website, studio, nationwide, worldwide, etc. You get it if you’ve ever had one, and to obtain such a vision requires fighting through the potential problems. In this case, potential dilemmas quickly converted to kinetic complications.

First, I had to buy stuff, and Smokin’ Hot Wife already holds the notion that I rapidly dispose of my hobbies. I do not share her notion. I have simply postponed learning Greek and Spanish for the time being; neither circumstance should have me labeled a deserter. Nevertheless, pursuing a cheap or free venture is the path I like to take, and veering from that course will raise an eyebrow on that beautiful creature’s face.

Then, I had to nail down some guests. I found six for a start, and they have been waiting for months; many of them have probably forgotten that they are committed. Well, they will soon be roused from their slumber!

Finally, there was the whole concept of time, of which no one has enough. With a travelling podcast, schedules must line up to perfection. I am not sure if I have it in me to make a Saturday morning trip outside of the city for the same person more than once.

Tally it all up, and you will find several equipment catastrophes and THREE attempts to record this single podcast! Thankfully, Jake Huggins is a trooper, and here we finally are at the FIRST of hopefully many New Day Inklings podcasts!

Listen, go read Jake’s stuff. He is phenomenal person and story-teller. He was born to be a writer. If you are a teacher, you simply MUST subscribe to his blog. Follow the link here to get to his website.

Honestly, there isn’t much to say about the book that I didn’t already discuss with Jake on the podcast, which I’m sure you will go listen to. Now. But I will touch briefly on it. Read away!

Oh, the future that exists in the minds of dystopian novelists! To find an “end of the world as we know it” series written within the past ten years would be easy. Look back a hundred years, and only two come to my mind. Fahrenheit 451 is the latter of those two. I’m sure there are more, of course. I do not presume to know every book.

One thing I can say is that you might as well read it. It is very short and can be done in one sitting if you believe in yourself. It’s good for you. This is a book about books! Will we freely bring about a society that disregards the written word? Will we willingly hand over the power of our minds? Will we volunteer to a behavior of forced thoughts and closed choices?

Bradbury seemed to think we will. He could be right. Not only do I perceive the media’s attempt to control our fears; I also observe our fears controlled.

Truly, Bradbury’s world does not strike me as impossible. A killer, robot spider. The danger of questioning “Why?” The extinction of free thought. Isn’t it here? Isn’t it today? Save for the walking robot (silly Bradbury… ours fly), aren’t we living it?

Thankfully, millions of us around the world would fight to maintain freedom from this evil. I don’t believe we have anything to fear, but I have not watched the news in a few decades.

Have you?

GROW your mind. KEEP your mind. READ a book.

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