A Voice

Radical by David Platt

With every bit of honestly and authenticity I can muster, I humbly admit that I desire the reach that Platt has, though not by any means with the same method.

I wanted to know what Mr. Faucett thought of this concept when we met in Rainbow City, and, of course, his view and submission were far more Godly than mine.

It’s a real place, Rainbow City, well-known in these parts compliments of the Croyle family, but I know it from my childhood trips to Steele for a night of drag racing with Pops.

There isn’t much to it save for some major highways and an English-run coffee shop in the corner of a strip mall that also houses Dirt Cheap and Big Lots. Every low-maintenance wife’s dream.

Union Jack! Cool place, and I nearly felt some pride and patriotism for England until I remembered 1776. I also thought the owner was from New Zealand, so his accent may have been a farce.

We were able to sit outdoors, which worried me a bit due to a slight reverberation off the brick walls that tunneled us in. We battled through adversity, however, and came away with the W. The podcast was rather short, but so is Platt’s Radical.

Obviously, I have to let you go listen. You receive no freebies here. Only will I remind you to…

“Grow Your Mind, Keep Your Mind, Read A Book!”

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