You Will Soar

Soar! by T.D. Jakes

Without prior expectation, Greater by Steven Furtick became an immediate favorite of mine, and with this newfound catalyst into a pursuit of greatness came a slight obsession with all things Furtick.

If you’ve seen Pastor Furtick preach live, you know he is one who brings you to your feet. Repeatedly. He is one who may receive, from the likes of me, an occasional, OK, dude. Let me sit and listen.

In a particular episode of my man-crush saga, Furtick interviewed Bishop T.D. Jakes on his latest released book, Soar!, in which I received a great deal of wisdom in a short amount of time. I knew of Jakes, but I had not read any of his 40+ books. Nor, to my knowledge, had I listened to any of his Grammy Award-winning music or watched any of his produced films.

This interview with the Bishop was enough to convince me to grab the book and learn what the veteran had to say.

Drawing analogous imagery between our impossible dreams and the infamous exploits of the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Jakes encourages us with great exigency to fly, to soar.

“Build your vision from the ground up,” instructs the cover in sage fashion. If a renowned Jesus lover and entrepreneur wants to give me insight, I’ll take it, but it did not appear that I belonged to the targeted audience.

For reasons not clearly defined in his book, T.D. directs his supposition towards women, an approach I found unique, while simultaneously bold. I feel compelled to include that uniqueness and boldness fused together are quite the admirable pair. I am simply iterating that he was not speaking to me.

Even so, imparted affirmation would not escape me. The Bishop and I concur on the issues of American debt and the repercussions that linger. We also beware and warn against the “money first” ethos.

Affirmation may be the most salient profit from my readings, not fundamentally contributing “new” or “exciting.” But as I say many times to those who care to listen, every one of us, whether deep down or on the surface, desire to be affirmed. We crave it. We require it.

And I’ll die on that hill.

Therefore, I’ll welcome it always. I would urge any man or woman hesitant to begin, in the early stages of, or in the midst of doubt due to chasing a vision entrusted to them by the Almighty to read Soar! But it is the American, woman entrepreneur who openly shares her reluctance to begin that I will seek out and urge to dive in.

Grow Your Mind, Keep Your Mind, Read A Book!

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