Whatever Is True

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

A tale of two incredibly addicting shows.

First, there was Flip or Flop, where husband and wife made flipping houses on the southern west coast appear as if any ole bozo could do it with ease.

Then, there was Fixer Upper, where a different husband and wife flipped Waco homes in modern fashion with almost annoying kindness.

Both shows were phenomenal, but I was drawn to only one family, and when the head of that family released a book, it was, of course, immediately added to the list.

I’m not sure that I idolize actors. I think there are great actors who do really well in their respective roles, and I’m glad that they do, because I love movies and television. But think about their jobs; they are paid to mimic. Their profession is to play another. It is a deceptive occupation. Some can make millions by being… well… fake.

This is not to say that they should be ashamed of themselves. I only mean that we are unable to watch a movie and know the person we’re watching. We can get a better idea of their true nature in headlines or via red carpet interviews. Even then, however, there is a mask, and unless we know them personally, we miss.

With cable networks that men like to think they aren’t made for, like HGTV, there is still a good deal of censorship. The true person is marked over with dramatic undertones and anything else that is sure to sell.

Basically, all the things that I despise.

Until the Gaines family came along…

I remember thinking that Chip and Joanna were as real as they appeared on screen, and while the financial semantics of that dang Fixer Upper show drive me absolutely insane, I love the hosts. I believe them.

I have said before (and I will die on this hill) that I want to be remembered as being authentic and generous; authenticity above all else. I hate pretending, and I hate stages (for myself; let me be clear that I love the theater and to be entertained).

Chip Gaines expatiates on the genuine; I even quoted him in my book while attempting to impart Jesus’s authentic nature. Gaines has won me over, as if he hadn’t already.

He tells a great story of how his relationship with Joanna began and grew. I’m not the most hopeless romantic, but particular anecdotes made for some good amusement. The impromptu decision to learn Español with a trip that involved being chased by a bull is one example, but that’s all I’m giving you.

That free-spirited, “Let’s just go and do”, no-planning lifestyle is something I could never do, and I don’t know that Chip and I would work well together, and I’m pretty positive that his idea of “broke” is way different than mine, but we agree on more than we don’t, and if we both had our way, we’d ever be working with problem solvers, not problem finders.

And that’s enough for me.

Just read it. Then we can talk more.

Grow Your Mind, Keep Your Mind, Read A Book!

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