A New Direction

I’ve decided to stop the blog… but create… a VLOG!!! I don’t like how it rolls off the tongue. But I’m really enjoying this. The videos are still book reviews, and I hope they are just as fun to watch as they were to read. https://youtube.com/shorts/NA-NE-3YGqs?feature=share

Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

Inside the Doomsday Machine. Michael Lewis uncovers the obscure beginnings of what would become the housing market crash of 2008. Of course, this post is simply my take on the book. I suggest you start here; then determine whether the book is good for you. What say you? Grow your mind?

Whatever Is True

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines A tale of two incredibly addicting shows. First, there was Flip or Flop, where husband and wife made flipping houses on the southern west coast appear as if any ole bozo could do it with ease. Then, there was Fixer Upper, where a different husband and wife flipped Waco homesContinue reading “Whatever Is True”

To a Place with Golden Streets

Heaven by Randy Alcorn As recently as just hours ago at the time of this writing, I was reminded of some of the greatest wisdom I have received in my lifetime: Life’s Hard. Then, you die. It seems morbid, I admit. But it rings quite true, even for citizens of a first-world, free country. WeContinue reading “To a Place with Golden Streets”

You Will Soar

Soar! by T.D. Jakes Without prior expectation, Greater by Steven Furtick became an immediate favorite of mine, and with this newfound catalyst into a pursuit of greatness came a slight obsession with all things Furtick. If you’ve seen Pastor Furtick preach live, you know he is one who brings you to your feet. Repeatedly. HeContinue reading “You Will Soar”