A Voice

Radical by David Platt With every bit of honestly and authenticity I can muster, I humbly admit that I desire the reach that Platt has, though not by any means with the same method. I wanted to know what Mr. Faucett thought of this concept when we met in Rainbow City, and, of course, hisContinue reading “A Voice”

A Rendition

LeMorte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas MaloryA rendition in modern idiom by Keith Baines The Old French translation of the title would be The Death of Arthur. I’m a fan of Arthurian legend, which is precisely what urged me to give this book a shot. Apparently, the original was more than double the size of thisContinue reading “A Rendition”

Is it Wise?

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You by Tony Reinke Episode 2 of a podcast that I thought would be way easier to do than it actually is, accompanied by none other than longtime friend, Mark Bethea, who horribly misdiagnosed my phone-carrying methods. Of course, you already know that because you have already listened toContinue reading “Is it Wise?”

A Comic’s Life

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin “Hello, I’m Steve Martin, and I’ll be out here in a minute.” I’m told I laugh at everything. It isn’t true. On the contrary, unamusings are bountifully present every day; I simply choose to give credit where it’s due. My dad is the laugher. Many times, he would beContinue reading “A Comic’s Life”

Third Time’s a Charm

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury In what way could I ensure that I spend more money than necessary and put more work on myself that I can handle? must have been what went through my mind in August of 2019. On the very cusp of a career change that could consume as much time asContinue reading “Third Time’s a Charm”

The Stormlight Archive, Book One

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson There will never be another Lord of the Rings, and it is a shame that it is so. I am much too critical of fantasy novels. I want to write some myself, and it is certainly possible that a great alternative to Middle Earth simply just hasn’t foundContinue reading “The Stormlight Archive, Book One”